it'd be nice if it stopped fuckign dying

server just competely died, rip uptime

my account's finally been unsuspended, so we have emails again

the service I use for sending automated emails apparently suspended my account, so no verification emails for a while I guess

I don't know what sidekiq measures latency in, but there's over a million of it

sidekiq died again, so there's not gonna be any new posts appearing for a while (there's 128k items in the queue)

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whoops, accidentally let the ssl cert expire

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at least it solved the federation problems

accidentally nuked the home timeline, whoops

so, sidekiq's been fucked for pretty much a day now, cool

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so the sidekiq queues are back to normal, no idea what caused the hold up though

there's literally over 12 thousand objects in the sidekiq queue what the fuck

something's broken and I don't know what

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