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hoping to have the instance migrated to the new server by tonight, but that depends on how long rclone takes to grab everything

remote following users from still doesn't work for whatever reason

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Other good flags include the Japanese prefectural flags

They look like some star wars shit

so I can't upgrade the vps this runs on because it's expired according to the control panel, hopefully ovh support can fix it

time to update this instance, going down soon

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blimey I really need to buy a better server for this, but money

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it's probably postgresql from a quick google search

so the vps this instance runs on keeps dying randomly and I've got no clue why

I'm gonna go back to just making backed type shit- fuck all this frontend stuff

so it appears that remote following works on some mastodon instances, but not '' and ''

now going overkill and setting up an entirely new mastodon instance to see why remote following is fucked

it seems to work if you try to remote follow a user on a pleroma instance but 500s for mastodon instances

remote following is broken for some reason and I've got no fuckign clue why

okay I think everything's stable again

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