@tuxcrafting @selea join ducksareawesome.net , the activitypub-free network™ ^_^

@lucy @selea nah, i like federated things
even if activitypub sucks it's the best solution so until something better comes around we'll have to put up with it /shrug

@tuxcrafting @selea it's federated (well it's new so there's just this instance now)
@tuxcrafting @selea I created my own protocol, because it's not a microblogging network so there's a different purpose and community. federation between this and mastodon/pleroma/gnusoc etc would be nonsense

@lucy @selea eh, an imageboard can still be federated with activitypub. it's quite general purpose
also, is the source available somewhere?

@tuxcrafting @selea I'm finishing some features (I started like 6 days ago), it'll be available in 5 days (I hope so)

@lucy @tuxcrafting

Is there any possibility for that instance to talk to mastodon/GNUSocial and so on?

@selea @tuxcrafting well... you could fork it and build some "adapter" for activity pub, but there are possibilities in activity pub which are forbidden in my protocol (no post without image, can't fav own posts, ...)
@lucy @selea @tuxcrafting
>fav own posts
I don't see purpose of that anyway on any platform that I know of

@Skoll3 @lucy @tuxcrafting

I also dont see any reason to pretend to be Elon Musk

@selea @tuxcrafting @Skoll3 I also dont see any reason to believe this is Elon Musk
@selea @Skoll3 @tuxcrafting @lucy is it really his problem that people aren't questioning if he is who he claims to be?
@fence @selea @tuxcrafting @lucy
We in dire need of verified mark, to punish all false Elons!
@selea @Skoll3 @tuxcrafting @fence people have to remember they can't know who they're talking to online.
@Skoll3 @lucy @selea @tuxcrafting tbh what if this actually elon musk and he's just trolling everyone? at this point not even that unrealistic :blobcatthink:
@selea @tuxcrafting @lucy @Skoll3 well maybe he acutally knows german 🤔 there is no way we can know
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@lucy @selea @tuxcrafting @fence well
At least on twitter real personalities is not THAT integral
@fence @tuxcrafting @selea I increased security yesterday and forgot to fix the logout, pardon
@fence @tuxcrafting @selea you should close the session and login again first, the join script wasn't up to date

@lucy @fence @tuxcrafting

It would be great if someone made a "bridge" so your thingy could talk to an ActivityPub thingy

@tuxcrafting Agreed. As much as I love Mastodon and the fediverse, it's a shame the protocol is such a dumpster fire.

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